Four inspiring new economy collaborations

Inspiration for unexpected collaborations
Four inspiring new economy collaborations
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The new economy is growing steadily, thanks to you and +10,000 other members. A few years ago we could not have imagined that we could help you in this way with the search for new business partners.

Some highlights: 2016: the first members and cases 2017: the first Futureproof.match ceremony for the best collaboration from the new economy 2018: more than 3,000 matches and items on 2019: 10,000 members, 4,000 matches and many successful collaborations. Conintue reading for four inspiring new economy collaborations at  

Collaboration 1: Ecor & Breedweer

Facility service provider Breedweer wanted to make new products from the 5,000 tonnes of paper waste and 4 tonnes of coffee grits that they collect from customers every year. Ecor develops sustainable products from waste and proved to be the right match. Together they already made 217,000 panels for the design of 50 rooms. Match made in heaven!

Collaboration 2: Talis & Crumble Development

Every year we cut down an area twice the size of the Netherlands twice for building materials. Talis is changing this: they offer wood waste from their homes such as old window frames for reuse. Crumble Development uses this wood. They give the wood of Talis a second life as furniture. Together they already saved 84 tons of CO2 in one year.

Collaboration 3: i-did & Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense had a large waste item: discarded army clothing. Just like 135 million kilos of textile, it ended up with as waste. Until they made the match with i-did. I-did shreds, fibers and felts clothing safely and makes new materials out of it. For Defense, scrapped equipment shifted from a waste cost item to a source of income of € 70,000 per year.

Collaboration 4: Herso & New Horizon

New Horizon harvests raw materials from city buildings. Woodworker Herso processes these into new products. Old suspended ceilings, windows and frames turn into new circular floors.

Thank you 10,000 members, you are creating the new economy!

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