PRO India looking for partners: “Solution to Plastics Pollution” project

Creating an inclusive circular economy through plastic recycling
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PRO India looking for partners: “Solution to Plastics Pollution” project

PRO India wants to tackle plastic waste by bringing on a national consortium with the involvement of brands, academia, government, and recyclers. We want to develop an ecosystem where the people at the bottom of the pyramid lead a dignified life, while creating a circular economy for plastic waste. Plastic equals hidden wealth!

About PRO India

PRO India is a 5-month-old social enterprise formed on the day of World Environment Day, 5th June 2018 by Amit Saha. Amit has served 3 decades in top corporates, in the areas of supply chain management, marketing, sales, and engineering. PRO India undertakes audits of Masonry Dustbin, Collection Centres and Recyclers to make them compliant to plastic waste rules, as amended in 2016, and build an ecosystem of circular economies. We are also creating a sustainable clothing line from PET-bottles. Each t-shirt is created from eight used PET-Bottles which would have ended up in landfills in India. In this way, the bottles get an extended life for an infinite number of times. We are active in India on the national level and are also there for any other stakeholders, within or outside of India.

Removing stigma, alleviating poverty

Though plastic is a wonder material, its non-perishability is both a boon and bane for humankind. We want to remove the bad stigma that plastic faces today and make various stakeholders realize the true benefits of plastic. For example, it can be used to create products such as rugs, carpets and clothing items.

Additionally, we want to develop an ecosystem where the people at the bottom of the pyramid lead a dignified life. Waste-pickers fall within the low-income category in India and plastics are informally responsible for about 60% of their daily income. Setting up a proper plastic recycling system can increase their income and improve their livelihoods significantly.

‘Plastic Credits’
We strive to create an ecosystem that bridges the gaps between various stakeholders, create an economy of plastic credits on the line of carbon credits. We want to remove the stigma around waste pickers and create an extended stream of plastic waste revenues for the benefit of society. Waste pickers in India are viewed as uneducated and not worthy of credit for loans. People in the cities exploit these waste pickers and do not care about their socio-economic progress. The plastic credits system will provide the waste pickers with a currency, and more leverage to get a fair price for their collected plastics.

The Plastics Pollution Problem cannot be solved by one company or even government/ municipalities/regulator. It would need every stakeholder to own the issue and then see what the real opportunities are. Waste is not only a menace but also a great opportunity for us to achieve the People, Planet and Profit objective.

What we are looking for

We really want to partner with companies who can help us with technology on how to recycle complex multi-layered plastics and manage solid waste using a multi-stakeholder approach. We are convinced that every stakeholder can and should be contributing to integrating circularity throughout India. Below, you will find a figure which shows all parties that we want to connect with. Do you see yourself in there? Get in touch!
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