Cubicco community: living alone together

Cubicco community: living alone together

Many single people living in the Netherlands battle to find affordable accommodation. After 4 years of testing and research of practice, Cubicco developed semi-detached ground-level apartments that are affordable.

Research by ING, a large Dutch bank, shows that in ten years’ time there will be 370.000 more single households in the Netherlands. This growth forms a threat to the wellbeing of these single people. The current housing developments are targeting mostly double income households, and thus making it difficult for single people to find accommodation. Cubicco enterprise focuses on social problems and saw an opportunity. 

Cubicco developed a solution: it is building a community of 12 semi-detached ground-level apartments. The affordable apartments in the complex combine the advantages of a conventional house and an apartment. There is a private outdoor space (veranda) and living takes place at ground level or on the first floor. This connects the inhabitant to the social and natural environment. In addition, the apartments all have level floors and share a common courtyard that does not have to be maintained.    

Construction box
The apartments will be built from materials directly sourced from nature. These are delivered in the form of construction boxes. The construction boxes will be meticulously put together by carefully selected assembly companies. The Cubicco apartments are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as wind speeds of up to 295 kilometre per hour and earthquakes of 5.9 on the Richter scale.

Looking for
Cubicco does not think it knows it all, but values other opinions. They are therefore looking for ´early adopters´ who want to construct the first communities together with Cubicco in the Netherlands.

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This item is a translation of the Dutch article Samen alleen wonen: Cubicco Community published of Futureproof.
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