Riksja Travel introduces a documentary about the combination of CO2 compensation and creating social impact

To inspire companies to compensate their CO2 emissions and to create a positive social impact in the same time.
Riksja Travel introduces a documentary about the combination of CO2 compensation and creating social impact

The CO2 emissions of traveling -especially by plane- cause so much damage to the world, that it should no longer be allowed. In the mini documentary ‘Surviving the smoke’, Riksja Travel shows how you can compensate your CO2 emissions and thereby also can have a social impact.

Traveling with Riksja Travel

Riksja Travel is an opinionated travel company that organizes trips to more than fifty destinations worldwide. Riksja Travel sends around 20.000 travellers around the world every year on individual tours and has a heart for the world. In 2018, this caused 36000-ton CO2. The travel company is aware of the effects that all those journeys have on the planet.  

Compensating CO2 emissions and creating social impact

For Riksja Travel it will not be an option that no one in the whole world would travel anymore. Therefore, the travel organisation uses all available resources to limit the damage caused by flying. In the same year, the organization compensates for the full CO2 emissions of all the Riksja trips (both flight and land trips). They do this in cooperation with the South Pole, a Swiss organization that sets up and supports various CO2 reducing projects in the world. Riksja has chosen a way that not only compensates the CO2 emissions, but also produces positive social effects. For example, by providing households in India and Kenya with clean cooking stoves. These cooking stoves ensure that less CO2 is emitted, fewer airway infections and eye problems occur for woman and children and less firewood is needed which is saving time for the inhabitants by saving wood. The extra time can be devoted to work and earn some extra money. In the past two years, more than 6000 traditional cooking stoves have been replaced.

Effect of sustainable traveling

To see what impact these cooking stoves have, last December some employees of Riksja Travel travelled to India to visit the local families who received these clean cooking stoves. Their findings are captured in the mini documentary ‘Surviving the smoke’. With this documentary, Riksja Travel hopes to create attention for environmental issues and inspire other companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and in the same time, create social impact. If you have any questions about Riksja Travel's CO2 compensation program, or if you want to know more about cooperation partners and / or the documentary, contact Riksja’s Sustainable Travel Expert: [email protected]

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