La Tortue Management guides sustainable products through the land of logistics

La Tortue Management supports companies in planning and developing their logistics efficiently and futureproof
La Tortue Management guides sustainable products through the land of logistics

If we want sustainable products to take over the mainstream market, we have to start thinking about their logistics in an innovative way. La Tortue helps you to set-up and develop your supply chain and bring your sustainable products to the customer as efficiently as possible to ensure the highest possible availability of the products for your customer.

About logistics

A recycled t-shirt reaching a store has often traveled a long way to get there. The t-shirt might have travelled from India to the Netherlands during the winter months and been sorted and handled before Spring even started. Depending on the demand from stores, it waits to be transported to a particular store before going on its last part of the journey: to a customers’ closet.  

In order to organize this process in a smart manner, four key elements are of importance:

  1. Attain products’ availability for the customer
  2. Manage the stock
  3. Ensure efficiency in cost and time
  4. Focus on sustainability

When organised in sync with your business, these elements combine into a supply chain that will enhance your competitive position, now and in the future.

Organising your supply chain

Do you have ambitions to (re-)organise your supply chain and strengthen your competitive position in the market? And do you want to discuss this with someone with experience in different sectors and international contexts? Feel free to contact La Tortue Management: [email protected] or +31 6 243 947 82.

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