RY Energies - Professional Biomass Supply Chain Management Solutions

Goal of our solution is to curb the practice of open burning of crop residue and contribute to a cleaner environment.
RY Energies - Professional Biomass Supply Chain Management Solutions

Through our intervention, we are revolutionising the biomass supply industry by bringing process innovation in terms of standardising the quality of the biomass material, as it has always been a major concern for the end users. Moreover, we provide the assurance and reliability in biomass procurement through our professional and reliable supply services.

We, at RY Energies, provide professional biomass supply chain services as a solution for the crucial problem of stubble burning which arises due to lack of effective mechanism of utilisation of crop residue and further causes lethal air pollution in surrounding regions. Thus, through our innovation we create a win-win solution for farmers, environment and biomass users by processing crop residue, like paddy straw, into rich quality biomass resource, and delivering it at plant’s doorstep, and thus providing them the convenience and assurance in procuring quality biomass fuel, along with enabling increase in farmers’ income and contributing to a cleaner environment.

We currently process bales of paddy straw and sugarcane trash in the regions of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in India. 

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