ACC Limited is Looking for Eco-Friendly Technologies in Cement Business

ACC Limited is looking for experts on sustainable cement production in India: We want to reduce emissions and increase the efficiency of our thermal energy and cement/concrete grinding processes.
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ACC Limited is Looking for Eco-Friendly Technologies in Cement Business

Across the world, the cement industry contributes to ~7% of total Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, which indicates the need for exploring alternate technologies which are more energy efficient and can generate energy from other sources like Hydrogen. ACC is looking for experts on sustainable cement production.

About ACC Limited

ACC Limited is India's foremost manufacturer of cement and ready-mixed concrete with a countrywide network of factories and marketing offices. Established in 1936, ACC has been a pioneer and trendsetter in cement and concrete technology. ACC's brand name is synonymous with cement and enjoys a high level of equity in the Indian market. Among the first companies in India to include a commitment to environmental protection as a corporate objective, ACC has won several prizes and accolades for environment-friendly measures taken at its plants and mines. The company has also been felicitated for its acts of good corporate citizenship.

India’s current cement industry

Cement manufacturing is an energy-intensive process, contributing to ~20-25% of total cost. Energy consumed in the cement manufacturing process comes in two forms: thermal energy and electrical energy. Coal is the source for both these types of energy. It is a known fact that the known coal reserves in Indian will not last beyond 2050. Also, the quality of coal is low with high ash quantity, thereby demanding high-grade limestone for clinker manufacturing. Clinker cement is produced at high temperatures, using a lot of energy. This is becoming a bottleneck for the Indian cement industry for consuming low-grade limestone. Thus, the Indian cement industry is glaring at a faster depletion of both coal and limestone and it is the need of the hour to accelerate the steps to achieve energy and raw material security.

Solutions we are looking for:

ACC Limited has the vision to be one of the most sustainable companies in India and aims to be known for challenging conventions and delivering on its promises. Therefore, we are looking for ways to reduce our dependence on virgin fossil fuels by using innovative technologies and alternative sources of energy. We are looking for knowledge partners, experts, technology providers who can offer us modern technologies to reduce our cost and lower our environmental impacts. We lay the focus on two production processes: thermal energy and cement grinding. 

On thermal energy, we would like to explore technologies like:

  • Fluidized Bed Advanced Cement Kiln System (FAKS): is stated to support the burning of low-grade coal efficiently, low CO2 emissions and NOx emissions;
  • Fuel Cell Technology: uses hydrogen as fuel.

On cement/concrete grinding side, we would like to explore some of the latest technologies for cement grinding, such as:

  • Aeroacoustics;
  • Ultrasonic comminution;
  • Application of microwave energy for improving comminuting efficiency;
  • Electro-acoustical comminution process;
  • Applying ultrasonic field in a roller mill.

Of course, we are also open to any other technologies that can help us become more sustainable.

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