TrashCon's automated machine gives value to waste

Eradicating waste menace in tons of capacity everyday. Waste will be history soon.
TrashCon's automated machine gives value to waste

TrashCon built the world's first technology that can take any mixed solid  waste and automatically  split biodegradable non biodegradable waste up to an efficiency of 99%. This system occupies space not more than a room, consumes power equal to only 5 households, requires no manpower & can save cost of transportation by 75% & generate value.

About TrashCon 

 My journey was considered ‘impossible’ by many. A lot of large corporations and esteemed institutions across the world have tried, invested and failed.  

Today, I am frequently asked a question “How could I do it?” Back then, I was asked to take a convenient route, but I chose to go to the dumpsite every day. Two years of unwavering focus, toil and sweat led to a globally disruptive technology - The World's First completely Automated Municipal Solid Waste Segregator - TrashBot. 

We built the World's first technology that can take any unsegregated trash and automatically sort bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste to an efficiency of 99%. Bio-degradable components can then be converted into manure or biogas while the non-bio-degradable can be recycled into various products thus enabling a circular economy. We are currently operational in three states in India and have set up distribution partners in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. We are soon planning to expand to all developing and developed countries where waste is an acute problem.  

We are already processing 10,000Kgs of waste per day and working with the biggest of corporates such as Adani, MTR, Pidilite, PWC.  

Some of our awards so far are:  Top 5 most innovative startups as recognized by Israel Embassy, Top 40 startups as recognized by Economic Times in association with CIIE , Top 10 startups as recognized by UNDP and WSD, Awarded Woman Start-up of the year 2018 by CII  and Inspire Awards 2018-19.

We have a vision of no more dumping, no more diseases thus leading to a world where waste will be history soon. 

A fully modular, efficient machine 

Something about the development of the TrashBot and the used technologies. 

Some specifications of the Trashbot:  

•Plug and play system;

•Fully modular;

•Highly compact;

•Output efficiency of up to 99%;

•Precautionary damage control;

•Seamless operation and maintenance;

•Requires limited power supply.

A Trashbot can segregate op to 10 tons of mixed municipal solid waste into 6 tons of Biodegradable waste and 4 tons of non-biodegradable waste. From 6 tons of Bio waste, 3 tons of manure can be generated and the non-biodegradable waste can used for several applications such as recycling into eco-friendly products, mixed with bitumen for plastic roads, routed to cement kilns for coprocessing and many more.  

What are the benefits of Trashbot? 

Trashbot being an affordable and deployable product brings to the society following benefits.   

No requirement of burning or incineration of waste thus reducing air pollution.   

No percolation of leachate in the ground water thus reducing water pollution.   

No spread of rodents or disease‐causing flies thereby preventing waste borne diseases.   

Actual realization of 'Wealth from Waste'.   

Ragpickers need not use their hands to segregate waste but become an integral part of the value chain by channelizing their efforts into more dignified positions such as Operators and Collectors of waste  

Reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases and thus reducing global warming.   

Additional Information 

Our technology is suited for the private sector and the public sector. We have facilities to manufacture up to 300 machines/year. Each machine’s processing capacity can range between 2 tons to 10 tons. Want to see more? Below, you will find an overview of the specifications and a video about how the Trashbot works. Profile
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