Sunseeker - a (street)light installation

VANTOT created a concept and design for a sustainable and interactive (street) light-installation called Sunseeker.
Sunseeker - a (street)light installation
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Solar energy has many opportunities in the application and integration. We are in an energy transition towards 2050.  VANTOT’s vision on this subject is clear, we want to break with the current tunnel vision of only covering roofs and fields with solar panels. Our goal is to work on designs that fully integrate solar cell technology.

Sunseeker at the Victoria Park in Eindhoven.

At Daytime

The Victoria Park functions as a route from the city center to Strijp. To underline this we create a street lighting line that also serves as a viewing line. Multiple light objects search for the lightest places in the park to efficiently capture as much sunlight as possible. The objects are equipped with a light sensor to prevent them from hanging in the shade of trees, buildings and/or clouds.
Sunseeker contributes to awareness. People notice moving objects. Visitors of the park will wonder how solar energy works and learn that it can be well integrated into objects around you. In addition, this design provides the necessary energy gain because the objects do not hang unnecessarily in the shade.

At Nighttime

At dusk, we use the viewing line for other interactions. The pleasant series of lanterns will guide you through the park and indicate the route. But there are many more options, like following along with people walking in the park and triggering interaction such as changing light intensity or color.
In this way, we create both a day and a night experience. We can also program the lighting installation in such a way that experiments can be conducted or that educational programs can be integrated. In addition to awareness, the installation also leads to wonder and conversation.

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