Afrisol energy seeks implementation partners for large scale projects

Afrisol energy is a growing biogas and waste management company, looking for implementation partners for large scale projects in Kenya. Interested? Read more:
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Afrisol energy seeks implementation partners for large scale projects

Afrisol energy is a biogas and waste management company in Kenya. We provide waste and energy solutions for household and semi-industrial firms. We also provide waste management solutions for municipalities and for these large scale project we need implementation partners.

About Afrisol

Started in 2010, has grown to provide waste and energy solutions for household and semi-industrial firms. Further, Afrisol’s treated waste is rich in nutrients and is a great organic fertilizer. There are many advantages of using waste for energy production; namely: avoiding greenhouse gas emission, production of biogas and utilizing available minerals.

We have designed a biogas system that processes farm organic waste to generate biogas that powers a 60kW biogas generator. The BIO-slurry is processed into high value liquid organic fertilizers.

Afrisol has grown to offer consultancy services for large waste management projects on a wide range of topics: clean energy advisory services including market analysis, policy development, technical training and capacity building, business model development, rural energy access and financing, project management and strategic planning.

Education centre

Afrisol has developed an education centre that supports local farmers in the use and production of biogas and slurry to fertilise agricultural land. The center gives aspiring biogas users the opportunity to cook cleaner, save on costs, produce fertilizers and safe the planet. The main objective of the centre would be to demonstrate that bio gas production technology is indeed a viable venture with short return on investment period.  

Example: Kamatongu Bio Power project

At Kamatongu farm cow dung and pigmanure is fed into a 372m3 bio digester system. Boigas generated is puried to 99% methane and used for dairy hot water heating , workers  cooking and powering a 60Kwh 100% biogas generator. The electricity generated is used to power farm machinery for pumping water, preparing animal feed, cold room, water treatment , computers and lighting.

The overflow from the digesters is processed and packed as organic liquid fertilizer.

Implementation partners wanted

Afrisol wants to continue to grow and provide solutions to a wider range of clients. Currently, the company is working on providing waste management solutions for a municipality. Our company has worked to complete the visibility studies and has begun the project design. Now, we seek for new partners who can assist us in implementation of larger scale projects. Our need in provision of sustainable energy solutions are pegged around resources limitations which include:

  • Technical capacity – to provide high level energy solutions the level of expertise needed may not be locally available. There are project implementation knowledge gaps that need to be filled.
  • Project development partners – to conduct appropriate proof of concept and feasibility studies we need a research partners along the solution value chain. This is to bring our concept to a bankable level for purposes of commercialization.
  • Sustainable market – we need a sustainable market for our products which include:
    - Compressed natural gas for industrial use. Appropriate boilers and machinery which can run on the gas need to be available.
    - Organic fertilizers
    - Construction materials – developed from the crushed glass and plastics sorted during waste segregation

Do you have contacts, ideas or leads to share with us? Match your solution, reply or contact us.

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Harrouzi Abd elhamid


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Harrouzi Abd elhamid
Harrouzi Abd elhamid

A votre disposition pour collaboration et développement durable

19 October 2018 08:17
Mike Van den Hof
Mike Van den Hof

An strong research partner is the WUR (Wageningen University). The biomass expert is Wolter Elbersen, [email protected]

17 April 2018 11:40
Mike Van den Hof
Mike Van den Hof

BTG is an organization which can help you with technical solutions.

17 April 2018 11:38