Energy Floors converts human movement to energy

Our floors turn energy consumers into energy producers, just by stepping on them. They raise awareness of renewable energy and help people adopt a sustainable lifestyle.
Energy Floors converts human movement to energy

At Energy Floors, we believe consciousness about energy and the impact we all have on it are the main conditions to create a sustainable world. Energy Floor’s goal is to raise awareness of energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive, fun and relating it to human scale.

Energy Floors, get on it!

Energy Floors' journey started in 2008, when we opened the first sustainable dance club in the world, in our hometown of Rotterdam: Club WATT. We integrated our sustainable vision: – People, Planet, Party – into a club. To reduce the club’s carbon footprint, we developed several sustainable club solutions, such as the energy generating Sustainable Dance Floor, which was installed in Club WATT. This also contributed to Rotterdam's target to cut CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025.

Club WATT was a hit, but the Sustainable Dance Floor specifically exceeded all expectations. We started lending it to events, festivals, trade fairs and exhibitions worldwide. In 2014, we added the Sustainable Energy Floor to our product portfolio, as the world’s most efficient energy converting pedestrian floor. We rent and sell our floors to a growing list of respected clients such as creative agencies, corporates, governmental organizations, educational institutions, architects and public transport companies.

How does it work?

Our energy floor modules flex slightly when stepped on. Inside each module is an electromechanical system, which transforms the small vertical movement produced by people dancing or walking into a rotating movement that drives a generator. Each module by the size of 75x75x20 cm can produce up to 35 watts of sustained output, between 5-20 Watt per person. This can power the LED lights inside the tiles and recharge an external battery at the same time. This video shows it all:


In the past few years, we kept on improving our technology, which has resulted in the world’s most efficient energy converting tile. Together with our expert partners, we produce energy floor modules of the best quality: the highest energy output in the world, able to resist extreme weather and extraordinary powers, highest life expectancy and applicable at any venue.


The design of the Energy Floors modules is an important part of our product development. The top sheet of the modules is an essential element of the experience of our installations. The interactive top layer of the Sustainable Dance Floor was designed by Studio Roosegaarde. The assignment was to create a maximum effect which can be powered with as little energy as possible. The smart construction Daan Roosegaarde came up with features glass, mirrors and LED lights, and creates an infinity effect inside the tiles. This visual image is extremely durable; only 1 row of LED lights are powered, while multiple lights are seen.


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