Carbon management in tourism, on the road to Paris

With CARMACAL tool travel companies can take practical measures and actions to reduce the carbon footprint of travel.
Carbon management in tourism, on the road to Paris

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues in travel & tourism. And the travel industry needs to take its responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of travel. With CARMACAL travel companies can take practical measures and actions to reduce the carbon footprint of travel.

What is Carmacal?

The CARMACAL is a CO2-calculator and a user-friendly application which allows tour operators and other businesses to measure the complete and detailed carbon footprint of their tour packages, enabling the integration of carbon management into their daily operations. See this short video with tour operator interviews on why the travel sector should use CARMACAL.

Integrating in decision making

For effective integration of CO2 in tour operator decision making, next to data on turn-over, profit, customers, etcetera, you need a detailed carbon calculator that enables you to combine CO2 data with volume and financial data. You want to be able to find the accommodations with the lowest emissions, the most efficient airline or flights (on all scheduled flights), to know the emissions for a wide range of transport modes including occupation rate, to assess carbon intensive tourism activities, and be able to find the distance between any two places on the globe easily.

Current calculators fail these requirements, as they mostly do not offer more than oneĀ  emission factor for accommodations, have only general emission factors for transport modes, and are frequently centered on one element of tourism: either air transport or accommodation.

Unique level of detail

With CARMACAL, tour operators are now able to measure and manage every carbon footprint aspect of their products in detail. The carbon footprint of flights is specified up to the level of airline and type of plane, for all scheduled flights available. CARMACAL differentiates the footprint for 25 modes of transport, 21 emission-intensive activities, and gives exact distance calculations. Accommodation carbon footprints are calculated on an individual basis for some 750,000 accommodations worldwide. For other accommodations, 20 different types with individual emission factors are available.

Start your carbon management

The tool has been developed by a multi-stakeholders collaboration between NHTV University, Dutch travel trade association ANVR and member tour operators as well as various experts to put carbon management into daily operations . Watch this CARMACAL tutorial to see how a the carbon emissions of a tour are calculated. Carmacal is now integrated in the Travelife sustainability program for travel companies. For more information, please contact: [email protected].

Check out our tutorial:

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