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Tourism Plastic Pledge

Sign the pledge and join this movement to combat plastic pollution at holiday destinations

FAQ & Contact


Contact Saskia Pepping for more information on the International Tourism Plastic Pledge.


Why should I join the Pledge? 

- You will take a stand on plastic use and pollution threatening tourism destinations and contribute to solving this problem.  

- We will work together on setting concrete targets for the sector related to our role in the circular economy of plastic. We will monitor our contribution to solving the issue of plastic pollution.  

- Together we can increase our influence and create more awareness with our value chain partners.    

- With this shared ambition it is easier to collaborate with like-minded organisations. We share knowledge, tools and solutions. Together we strengthen and scale up new and existing initiatives and show the world how the sector is tackling plastic polution. 

How big an impact will I make? 

Many successful actions are already being taken by individual organisations. We aim to share these with pledge partners to speed up the transition to a circular plastics economy. With over 180 partners active around the world we currently involve over 200.000 employees and 53 million holidaymakers. 

Who are the Pledge partners? 

On September 26 over 180 organisations sign the International Tourism Plastic Pledge, led by MVO  Nederland. From travel agencies, accomodations, certification bodies, to sector associations, NGO’s and experts. At this moment more than 180 partners are committed. The number is growing and others are invited to join.  

How can I join? 

You can join by filling out the form above. We will contact you about the details.  

What happens after I sign the Pledge? 

After signing the Tourism Plastic Plegde you will become part of this movement and get involved in the process of creating the roadmap for the sector. You will be updated on the process and provided with relevant tools and contacts.