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GlobalOwls - Free Marketing and Design advice to NGOs and Social Enterprises


Nonprofits, NGO’s and Social Enterprises often have a huge talent shortage and can’t get the expertise they need. We’ve made it easy for everyone to give advice and help organizations that are committed to solving issues you care about.

We designed a platform - GlobalOwls - where professional Marketeers and Designers can easily do good by donating their knowledge to organizations that solve problems they care about. We believe this to be a highly scalable way to help small organizations that are committed to doing good to increase their impact for free.

Our mission

We empower organizations dedicated to doing good to increase their impact. The community on GlobalOwls provides social organizations much needed advice on how to improve their digital channels and become more effective.

We envision a world where all NGOs, nonprofits, charities and social enterprises receive the guidance, the knowledge and tools they need to increase their impacts on their communities.

How it works

Organizations committed to doing good send an email to [email protected] and request their question(s) to be posted on the platform. GlobalOwls validates the organization and determines the commitment of the organization (involvement in the community and implementing feedback). After the questions are posted, professionals give their best advice and organizations ask follow-up questions where needed.

See how GlobalOwls is making an impact.

An example

Social ImpaKt is on a mission to provide affordable water filters, increasing access to clean water in rural Indonesia. On their project page, Jeroen van Overbeek (founder of Social ImpaKt) asked for advice on how to improve their website design. He received more than 13 pieces of actionable advice from our community of experts which led to immediate improvements on website design and functionality such as proper structuring of email lead capture forms, visible calls to action and other aspects.

Have you got a marketing or design question for your NGO or Social Enterprise? Or are you a professional Marketeer or Designer that wants to donate your knowledge? Check out GlobalOwls!


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Imagine all small Nonprofits, NGOs and Social Enterprises receiving the guidance they need to improve their digital impact. All for free.