Terms of use


Article 1 Definitions 

1.1. Terms of Use: These terms of use.
1.2. User: the agreement between the user and CSR Netherlands comes into being when the user registers for the use of the community to which these Terms apply.
1.3. User: the professional, business and / or organization who has registered to use the community 
1.4. The Community: a platform where professionals, companies and organizations can communicate, collaborate and share content on topics related to corporate social responsibility and sustainability
1.5. Privacy: The privacy statement as made available on the website of www.mvonederland.nl
1.6. CSR Netherlands:
Foundation CSR Netherlands 
Arthur van Schendelstraat 500
3511 RV Utrecht

Article 2 Description of Parties and Services 

2.1 CSR Netherlands is the owner of the Community.
2.2 CSR Netherlands operates the community in which users can communicate with one another and share information on the manner in which the Community provides.

Article 3 Registration and Useragreement

3.1 Individuals, businesses and organizations can register for the use of the community. By completing the registration process to checking "I agree to the privacy policy and user agreement 'and click on' Send ' the User is created. All terms of use apply to the user agreement.
3.2 By registering for the community and the creating a user account, the user acknowledges that he is of age, or his parents, legal representative, or guardian agrees with these Terms and all other conditions CSR Netherlands has imposed on the use of the Community.
3.3 In the registration process only true data should be provided. This information shall, at any time, be kept up to date by the user.
3.4 CSR Netherlands is entitled to make changes to the user agreeement and procedures from time to time. These will be presented in to Users for acceptance.
3.5 CSR Netherlands registers all information that a user enters, uploads and shares with another user. What information is registered and processed by CSR Netherlands, how long this information is registered, and how access can be obtained is stated in the Privacy Statement CSR Netherlands with which the User has agreed. The Privacy Statement can be found on www.mvonederland.nl.

Article 4 Customer Obligations 

4.1 After registration the user receives the right to use the Community, exclusively for the intended use of the Community.
4.2 The User shall strictly and faithfully comply to all user requirements, conditions and procedures, as defined, or established, by CRS Netherlands.
4.3 The User is responsible for his own use of the community. The User is in this context liable to CSR Netherlands for the use of the Community.
4.4 The User warrants that:
     a. only he has access to the Community.
     b. his username and password will remain strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
     c. he will exclusively use granted access and usage rights to the Community for legal and legitimate purposes and in such a way that does not infringe rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights;
     d. he does not use the community for acts and / or conduct in violation of applicable statutory provisions, self-regulation, the generally accepted rules of decency and diligence provisions of these Terms of Use. This includes not making oneself guilty of spamming and hacking;
     e. he will abide by the reasonable (technical) rules, conditions and procedures, which are provided by CSR Netherlands;
     f. he will refrain from hindering CSR Netherlands and the rest of the Community of Users, and / or causing damage. The User is prohibited from starting any processes or programs - whether or not through the Community - at which one knows or can reasonably suspect the community, CSR Netherlands and other users of the community or other Internet users may interfere with or damage. This will include the use of harvesting bots, robots, spiders and scrapers.
4.5 The User shall make arrangements for the necessary hardware and software, peripherals and connections to make access to the community and user and their use possible.
4.6 The User is obliged to take care for a recent backup of all data it has included in the Community and its user.
4.7 The User shall render any assistance reasonably required of them can be expected when performing maintenance on the Community to CRS Netherlands.
4.8 The User is not entitled to move any rights or obligations to a third party, under the User Agreement for the community with CSR Netherlands.

Article 5 Rights and Obligations of CSR Netherlands 

5.1 CSR Netherlands strives for optimal availability and accessibility of the Community.
5.2 CSR Netherlands does not guarantee that the Community or parts thereof without interruption, errors or defects will work, or that all errors and defects can be improved.
5.3 CSR Netherlands expressly does guarantee the (undisturbed) functioning of telecommunication links.
5.4 CSR Netherlands is not obliged to recover scrambled or lost data.
5.5 CSR Netherlands strives towards a state of the art protection for the community. This is without prejudice to the responsibility of the User to its systems, data and other - whether or not sensitive - to secure adequate information.
5.6 In no event does CSR Netherlands guarantee:
     a. unrestricted access to the Community;
     b. correct and undamaged data transmission;
     c. undisturbed and uninterrupted use of the Community;
     d. total reliability and integritity of the Community.
5.7 CSR Netherlands is, in regards to the performance of its services, entitled to use the services of third parties in any way whatsoever.
5.8 CSR Netherlands is not liable or responsible for the information and / or data, or the correctness of the information and / or data that is input and / or maintained and / or processed and / or converted by using the Community by Users.
5.9 CSR Netherlands is entitled to prevent access to, or use of, the Community or the User's user account in case of unauthorized use and / or suspend its obligations and / or after the end of the right to use the community and / or the user is blocked immediately.
5.10 Maintenance, updates, modifications and / or restrictions will, wherever possible, announced beforehand via the Community.
5.11 CSR Netherlands is entitled to amend the Community.
5.12 An amendment to the reasonable judgment of CSR Netherlands requires considerable adjustment on the part of the User, will be made known to the user as soon as possible. The User can not claim compensation for damage.
5.13 CSR Netherlands is reasonably entitled to make any necessary changes to the login procedure that provides access to the community, without the User being entitled to any compensation from CSR Netherlands. CSR Netherlands will notify the user in case of changes as soon as possible.

Article 6 Suspension and Termination 

6.1 CSR Netherlands is entitled to limit the right to use the Community to suspend, block and / or terminate and delete the User, in the following cases:
     a. If the user fails to comply with any obligation under the User Agreement, or fails to fulfill one of the obligations. CSR Netherlands will notify the user in advance, unless it can not be reasonably expected of CSR Netherlands.
     b. CSR Netherlands discovers or reasonably suspects if unauthorized third parties use or offer the possibility to make use of credentials which give access to the community or in other cases that threaten the safety of the community. CSR Netherlands will inform the user as soon as possible (possible) unauthorized use of the Community and its consequences.
     c. if the user does not agree to new terms of use, or a revised Privacy Statement;
     d. in other unforeseen circumstances that disrupt the performance or impede the access to the Community, as determined by CRS Netherlands.
6.2 The User acknowledges and agrees that the (temporary) closure or blockage of the community and / or user account under paragraph 1 means that the community and / or the user is (temporarily) unavailable
6.3 As stated in paragraph 1, both CSR Netherlands and the user can terminate the License Agreement at any time and without giving reasons immediately, with a notice period of one month, without leading to any such termination liability for damages
6.4 The termination of the User, in any way whatsoever, means CSR Netherlands will close the right of use of Community for the user and erases the user account.

Article 7 Liability 

CSR Netherlands excludes, if possible and to that which is legally permitted maximum, any liability for whatever reason and of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of the Community by the User. This includes in any case, but not exclusively,:
     a. damages or costs arising from the restriction, suspension, blocking or termination of the User Agreement pursuant to Article 6;
     b. damage or expense arising out of abuse of the login data or unauthorized access to the Community 

Article 8 Ownership of information and data 

8.1. The user retains ownership of all information which he communicates through the use of the Community.
8.2. CSR Netherlands is entitled to all information that the user communicates and / or save them to use on the Community for the purposes set out in this User Agreement, all this in accordance with the Privacy Statement CSR Netherlands.

Article 9 Intellectual (property) rights 

The intellectual property rights to the community, on any basis whatsoever which are in any case the underlying software, the data and all documentation pertaining to new and improved versions of CSR Netherlands belong in CSR Netherlands, or its suppliers. These Terms do not extend to the transfer of intellectual property rights.

Article 10 Other provisions 

If any provision of these Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Parties will agree a provision which is not void or voidable and as much as possible to the intent of the void or voidable provision.

Article 11 Applicable Law and Disputes 

11.1 Unless mandatory law provides otherwise, Dutch law applies to these Terms. The Vienna Sales Convention 1980 is excluded as far as possible.
11.2 Unless mandatory law provides otherwise, the Utrecht District Court has exclusive jurisdiction to hear disputes relating to these Terms.