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C&A Foundation in search of proposals for circular apparel


[Deadline: 18-02-2018] The C&A Foundation brings businesses and people together to generate systematic positive change within the apparel sector. There are many publications on circular business models, but companies lag behind when it comes to adopting those models. With your help, we want to close this "implementation gap". Is your proposal worth our 300k?

The C&A Foundation

Based in Zug, Switzerland, and with international teams on four continents, we work around the clock to transform the global fashion industry and change lives. We bring together the brands, initiatives and people who collectively have the power to create a fair and sustainable apparel sector. We share our expertise, share our network and provide financial support to strengthen change-makers.

Our Challenge of Circular Apparel

Circular economy thinking is redesigning the apparel industry to make it work for the people and the ecosystems it touches. We see a shift from ‘ownership’ of materials and garments to where it is considered a service that is provided. With more emphasis on the ‘use’ of garments instead of ownership - which leads to rapid disposal and waste - we can create new business models for fundamental change.

Whilst there are many publications on circular business models and commitments to circular economy, few brands/retailers or upstream suppliers are re-designing their business towards circularity. This phenomenon is what C&A Foundation has identified as the “Implementation Gap”.

Bridging the Gap: Looking for your proposals!

We are looking for innovative ways to bridge the gap in the implementation of circular business models in companies at all levels of the apparel value chain. Are you active in the fashion industry and do you have a solution?

C&A Foundation has a budget of EUR 1.5m for this call (maximum budget for one grant proposal is EUR 300k). The proposal may be part of a larger collaboration or program and leverage other funds.

This request for proposals is open from December 18, 2017 until February 18, 2018. You can find the full text of the request for proposals here: Bridging the Gap. Use this template and send your proposals to [email protected].

I, Douwe Jan Joustra, Head of Circular Transformation at the C&A Foundation, believe that circular economy is the most powerful pathway to change. Looking forward to reading your ideas!

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Geschreven door Douwe Jan Joustra op 30-01-18

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is this too late to respond to? Its still featured on the homepage here so was wondering..

The C&A Foundation brings businesses and people together to generate systematic positive change within the apparel sector and close the "implementation gap". We are looking for your innovation!



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