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Fair trade noodle producer Amdo wants to scale up production and export


We are a noodle company in India, where we produce fair trade noodles for the export market. To make full use of our potential, we want to maximize our production capacities and increase our international export.

Fair trade noodles

Amdo Food Company started in 1994 in a village house in India, when Tibetan refuge mr. Chodak Gyatso decided to start producing noodles to make a living. Over the years, our local sales in India have increased steadily and we sell noodles across the country. In our produce we embrace sustainability and inclusive business practices, and we consider fair-trade to be part of our company’s DNA. We are certified under the Fair Trade Original standard, as well as various others, since 2000.

International expansion

In our production facilities, we manufacture some 28,6 tons of noodles per month. The maximum capacity in our current factory is some 36,4 tons, which means there is limited potential for upscaling in our current facilities. However, in order to maximize our potential and to increase the market share of fair-trade noodles, we do want to increase our international export and scale up our business.

Maximizing potential

We are now facing two issues that are vital to increase our business and maximize the sales of fair trade and sustainable noodles internationally, and we are looking for advice.

  • Increasing production rates

The capacity for growth in our current factory is limited. We need to produce more efficiently, either by using different techniques or machines, or by making use of a factory with more production facilities. We welcome advice! We are also interested in finding out more about potential financial solutions such as subsidies and funds for investments to invest in these new facilities, equipments of techniques.

  • Access to international markets

Now, some 15 percent of our produce is exported to the Netherlands as fair-trade noodles. We believe there is potential for growth here as we do see a wide demand for fair trade products. We would like to get in touch with potential buyers of fair-trade noodles across the globe. We are mainly interested in exporting our organic and certified noodles to countries outside of India, but we are also looking for opportunities to expand within our domestic market.

Looking for advice

We welcome advice and suggestions, as well as links to funds or subsidies that may help us further. If you have an idea, please get in touch with us!

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