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Imerys is looking for partners for water filter distribution in India


Almost 1 billion people on earth do not have access to (clean) water, the most essential element to sustain life on earth. The ImerPure household water filter technology by Imerys provides a solution to this problem, but still faces some challenges. How do we deal with distribution issues, and a lack of awareness?

Imerys is world-leader in a mineral-based speciality in industries, transforming a large variety of minerals into high-value speciality water filtering products. We are an international Business2Business company, focusing on the best technologies. In 2016, we joined the Springboard Initiative developed by the non-profit global-health leader PATH. Together with PATH, we developed an innovative ImerPure household water filter systems. We have now invested in a production facility in Gujarat, India, and we are looking for distribution partners.

ImerPure technology

Looking at the grave situation for the most basic need, Imerys has tried to contribute in improving the situation in its own small way by preparing a gravity-based water filter, as per WHO specification for drinking water. Our idea is to make it possible for each household to have access to an essential necessity of life - clean water, with the minimum burden of maintenance.

After a 5-year-long lab research on field and consumer testing results, we now have the new household water filtration device ImerPure, that removes undissolved unfavourable impurities from water, while retaining the natural minerals present in the water. ImerPure technology is low-cost and easy to use.

To achieve the purpose of preparing Imerpure technology, we have worked with few partners in the form of NGOs like Rotary Club of Nagpur under a unique model of 1+1. In this model, the NGO finds sponsors for 1 unit of water filter and Imerys contributes 1 unit to match the number resulting in doubling the benefits for the community at large. Through this model, we already reached tribal villages of Melghat and Hemalkasa in Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal and Orissa, but to expand further we need your help.

Our Challenges

We currently face the challenges of distribution, awareness and serving the rural and urban poor. We are looking for:

  1. Partners with a strong distribution network in India. Distribution is the biggest hurdle in areas where resources are scarce: Our goal is to reach to the last person in need in India. Are you a logistics partner or OEM manufacturer that we can collaborate with, in providing clean water to our people?
  2. Partners that can help us with raising awareness on the benefits of drinking clean water, identifying the target audience and documenting our customers: We invite NGOs and other bodies interested in promoting the use of water filters by creating awareness and identifying local entrepreneurs for selling, installing and teaching customers about use and maintenance of filters.
  3. Partners that are willing to sponsor the low-income group via a 1+1 donation model: The rural and urban poor do not have a lot to spend. Everyone deserves clean water, and therefore, we invite partners who would like to sponsor the lesser privileged in our model of 1+1. Imerys will match the contribution of investors in the community, where you donate one ImerPure and Imerys will donate one, thereby helping 2 households in the process.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Are you a business or organisation that could help us along, or do you know someone that can? We are open to all ideas. Get in touch directly by email, or leave a comment below.

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Geschreven door Utsavi Deepak op 03-12-18

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The ImerPure household water filter technology by Imerys provides a solution to clean water access, but still faces some challenges. How do we deal with distribution issues, and a lack of awareness?



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